Tstat7 End user schedule changes

I would like to deploy communicating thermostats where the end user can change their schedule from the keypad. It appears the tstat7 is the only one that has this ability.

I have looked at available tstat7 documentation and it is not clear the button sequence to make changes.

Help would be appreciated.


Yes, that was in the project scope in the beginning. It was getting a bit complex for the tiny keypad that we left it out of the menu system in the end. if it’s a big feature for you we could dust off the old code and have another crack at it.

Maurice Duteau

Do any of the communicating thermostats have the ability for the
tenant/resident to set their own schedule?

I understand these are deployed in condos, etc. I would like to
hear how it’s working for them.

From what I know the landlord would have to adjust the schedule. the user could override for an hour or so is all from the keypad. I have been working with a fellow on a mobile app that could offer some interesting options for tenants to edit their own setpts and schedules. maybe we can get his help to do one for multi tenant scenarios.

Edit: Here’s the link to the node-red solution Brent is working on. It would be easy to expand it to a multi tenant situation.
Maurice Duteau