Node-Red GUI for home automation

Updated GUI with SteelSeries-Canvas Gauges;

download new flow at end of post.

Here is a Node Red GUI that I have been working on;

The configuration ‘Tab’ allows configuration of the Number and Name of each room/sensor, and the Register Value for each. I am currently using this with a Temco Controls Tstat8, but the same flow could be used with other controllers by configuring the registers for the device. This Node-RED ‘flow’ is currently configured to work via Serial Modbus RS485.

But it is fairly simple to change this to a TCP Modbus connection by adjusting the settings of the Modbus Connection - click on the arrow in the upper right of the Node-RED user interface, and select ‘Configuration Nodes’;


then double-click on the ‘Modbus Connection’- this will bring up the following configuration settings;

I will be making the Serial/TCP an option available in the configuration tab and updating the flow within a few days.

The look of the GUI is a little boring so I am also working on improving the appearance and optimizing the code updates coming soon.

home_gui_serial_modbus.json (67.8 KB)

home_gui_serial_modbus_v2.json (87.6 KB)