Node-Red GUI for home automation

Updated GUI with SteelSeries-Canvas Gauges;

download new flow at end of post.

Here is a Node Red GUI that I have been working on;

The configuration ‘Tab’ allows configuration of the Number and Name of each room/sensor, and the Register Value for each. I am currently using this with a Temco Controls Tstat8, but the same flow could be used with other controllers by configuring the registers for the device. This Node-RED ‘flow’ is currently configured to work via Serial Modbus RS485.

But it is fairly simple to change this to a TCP Modbus connection by adjusting the settings of the Modbus Connection - click on the arrow in the upper right of the Node-RED user interface, and select ‘Configuration Nodes’;


then double-click on the ‘Modbus Connection’- this will bring up the following configuration settings;

I will be making the Serial/TCP an option available in the configuration tab and updating the flow within a few days.

The look of the GUI is a little boring so I am also working on improving the appearance and optimizing the code updates coming soon.

home_gui_serial_modbus.json (67.8 KB)

home_gui_serial_modbus_v2.json (87.6 KB)

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I have a node-red system hooked to a tcp modbus unit and sometimes (average: once a week) the modbus reading is disconnected (for unknown reasons).

Do you know a good method to restart automatically the entire flow when this is happening ? I receive a warning when a value doesn’t change for a while but I need to access the NR flow and restart it manually.

So, an automatic restart would be far easier.

Thank you

If I understand it correctly, node-red runs on a Pi which is not a real time embedded system for the most part. We do have a ‘T3-Router’ item which is not on the website but we have sent out a few samples for testing. It has a watchdog, real time clock and a few other features for embedded control applications. If you’re interested you can send an email and we’ll give you what (little) documentation we have so far.

In my case, the node-red program is running as a jail in my TrueNas system. Normally enough power to run in real time. But send me more info about the T3-router.

In the meantime, I solved my problem by testing the modbus connection status (Connected vs Disconnected) and restart the entire flow in case of a Disconnected message. Obvious when you know how to do (Node Red forum was helpful on that).

The T3-router isnt up on the web site yet but we’ll get it up there soon. Its basically a raspberry Pi 3 ‘compute’ module on a base board plus a few addons to make it suitable for embedded control: LEDs, real time clock, watchdog, RS485 ports.

And sure, definitely you should have some retries and resets in there to make the system more robust.