Tstat7: Adjusting time & date from keypad

We want to change the time and date from the tstat7 keypad but just let the year change, one that we change comes from the menu clock.

I understand that you want to edit the time and date from the Tstat7 keypad. The preferred method is for the Tstat7 to get the time & date from a master controller over the RS485 network connection. Are these stats not on a network? If not we can add this task to the todo list.



I know that I can update the time and date using the Modbus bus, but the problem is that the thermostat has buttons to access the date and time that does not work. And the user does not understand why the thermostat has buttons that it cannot use.

Understood, I have added this task to our todo list.
Tstat7: Add the ability to adjust the time & date from the keypad.

I have added this to the todo list:

Tsat7: Add ability to adjust date & time to the keypad menu system.

Hard to say when we can get to this, I am a bit short handed on developers here these days. Do consider letting the network take care of the time sync, that’s how this product is normally intended to be used. Let me know a little more about your setup there, do you have a T3 controller in the system? If so the time & date automatically gets sync’d.