Optimum Start and Stop

Is there a way to assign an optimiser to a time schedule, to ensure plant comes on/off based on indoor & outdoor temperature. With Warmup period & cool down period?

Sorry we don’t have something like that but I am game to implement it. Would need some help on the sequence, send on whatever you can and I will get this in the qeue

Maurice Duteau


Is there a way of reading the on/off time periods from a schedule into a program then forwarding them to a VAR? If so I can have a go at trying some logic for this?

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The WR-ON( X , Y ) command returns the start time and WR-OFF( X , Y ) should return the stop time but I noticed its not documented well, working on that now.

X identifies which schedule you’re interested in.
Y identifies the Yth ON event in the current day.

In the example below, since its Tuesday today, would return 09:00.
Tomorrow it will return 10:00 and so on.

Thanks Chelsea, Im surprised nobody has asked for this functionality before as this is a prerequisite on any project I have ever worked on in the UK. It would be great to have another table/column with optimisers that you could link to any of the schedules.
The optimiser would be linked to a space sensor & outside air sensor and based on Optimum heating & cooling required setpoints (required temp at start of occupation period) would calculate required start deviation to the attached timeschedule. In addition would calculate the required stop deviation (to take into account previous building cooldown times).
Obviously its not a two minute job to create this.

They do their start stop routines in the basic programs, your idea would make it a lot easier so let’s get it done. I know I am being a bit lazy here, we’re VERY backed up right now but if you could send on some logic for a typical optimum start/stop sequence we’ll code it and get it into the UI.


I have the details of ASI controls optimum start controls sequences which I have attached, I can programme a little but this requires someone with your expert knowledge. If you develop this I can run a beta version on a test rig and give feedback, I understand that your a busy guy and this could be a lot of work. However if this is implemented we can look at selling a lot of these controllers, in addition ive been speaking to a Chinese manufacturer to see if they can create a Bacnet/IP touchscreen which we can use to display your data on projects where we don’t want client having to much control.


Sean Bussley 07585601616

Bussley Controls Limited |
Open & Integrated Building Automation Solutions

ASI Optimiser.pdf (513 KB)

Really appreciated, we’ve been meaning to add this for too long. Its in the project queue at priority: high.

Maurice, do you have an estimated date when you might have the optimiser function implemented on your controllers?

Could be a couple weeks still, we are really backed up but this is on the top of the todo list.


Look forward to this being available, as we have now sourced a really good small BACnet/IP touchscreen we plan to use with your controller(s). (Model Weintek MT8051iP)

What platform will this touchscreen be running? Not sure if you
saw the Node-Red system which @Brent is working on, this can run
in a browser which would free you up to choose a larger screen for
a small budget.


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