Time Sync

I don’t know if this is a cause or an effect:

Here’s an error message at about the reboot time:

The other thing that’s a little crazy is the date. It shows 3/10 but it’s 3/9 and the system time tab in Settings clearly shows it’s 3/9.

This also appears in the DOW. It’s off by a day. It says today is day 2 which would be Tuesday. What’s going on?

I have attached a copy of my system with all programs.


Chiller3-9-20.prog (65 KB)

Not really following the issue I guess. The alarm is just showing when it tried to sync time to your time server.

But… it shouldn’t be trying to sync time to the time server since it has always been set to use the local PC. See image below as proof:

Chelsea will check this.

Hi, I am looking for an update on this time sync problem. Occasionally one of my T3’s sets itself back a day. The time is correct but the date is wrong. It always seems to be the same T3-LB. As luck would have it, that T3 is the one that does a lead/lag switch over on our 2 chillers based on the time and the day of the week. When the T3 updates and the date rolls back a day, then it will run the wrong chiller on Monday’s. My workaround for this problem is to manually check the date almost daily. If it’s wrong I change the time sync setting to “Synchronize with Local PC” and sync it. When the correct date is displayed, I switch it back to “Synchronize with the time server”,
This is really the only bug remaining. They don’t seem to reboot randomly and Bacnet data from one T3 to another comes over the ethernet network on a reliable basis.

Chelsea will see if she can duplicate the issue. Thanks Ted.

You could also put a program line like so:


Every day just after midnight it will switch the lead chiller. Since there are only two chillers you can use this NOT command which flips LEADLAG from 0 to 1 or vice versa.

Or here’s another way to manually control it:

10 IF DOW = 1 OR DOW = 3 OR DOW = 5 THEN LEADLAG = 0

20 IF DOW = 2 OR DOW = 4 OR DOW = 6 THEN LEADLAG = 1

You could work something out to handle the decision on Sundays, perhaps use a variable to track the run time of each chiller and base it off that.

Update: Chelsea mentions that a leap year issue was fixed a while back as was another issue with daylight savings time under Win10. Just make sure that all controllers on the site have the latest firmware and you should be good.

Just so you know: All controllers in the building will sync to the time & date of the lowest panel ID in the building, usually its Panel 1. If Panel 1 is offline every device will sync to Panel 2 and so on. While discussing this here we see there’s a chance for time sync to get out of whack if you had Panel 1 syncing to a time server and Panel 2 syncing to the Operator station’s PC. We’ll add a dialog to make this more clear and also add some background logic so that all panels in the building follow the same sync source, if you change it to sync to the PC on one panel it will change all panels to match.

Standing by to help.

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I checked all panels in our company, the time are correct. I did fix the leap year issue one or two months ago and T3000 had a fix for handling daylight_saving_time under Win10. Make sure all panels are running the latest firmware and update the T3000 front end as well.

I was on firmware 51.5 and T3000 of May 9. So I have just updated both to 52.2 and June 9. My apologies if you did the fix after 51.5.