Time Sync

I don’t know if this is a cause or an effect:

Here’s an error message at about the reboot time:

The other thing that’s a little crazy is the date. It shows 3/10 but it’s 3/9 and the system time tab in Settings clearly shows it’s 3/9.

This also appears in the DOW. It’s off by a day. It says today is day 2 which would be Tuesday. What’s going on?

I have attached a copy of my system with all programs.


Chiller3-9-20.prog (65 KB)

Not really following the issue I guess. The alarm is just showing when it tried to sync time to your time server.

But… it shouldn’t be trying to sync time to the time server since it has always been set to use the local PC. See image below as proof:

Chelsea will check this.