T3-LB random reboot

Does not happen often, only occasionally occurs when connected to T3000.
Recovers immediately but all outputs turn off and back on and analog input read out of range values for a short period. Had to add start delays to prevent short cycling of binary outputs.

Model T3-LB
Hardware 6
MCU 46.5
PIC 20
Top 38
Bootloader 29
Serial No 99358

Thanks for the efforts with the T3 controllers John. Would you mind to send on the program and we’ll see what we can do to duplicate the issue. You can email it to maurice (at) temcocontrols (dot) com.

There was the same reason, decided to update the firmware of the controller to the version mini_arm_rev47.5_7.20.hex. The problem disappeared.


Thank you for your input, I will research procedure for properly updating the firmware and implement.

From the T3000 front end you can go to T3000 -> help -> check for updates -> update T3000

This will update the front end, then you can update the device by going to

T3000 -> help -> check for updates -> download firmware and update device.

If you have any troubles we’ll be here.

My T3-LB’s are all on 50.4 firmware. But I still get a random reboot on some of them. When they reboot, the output state on all outputs briefly change. This change triggers a relay in our email warning system stating that the output has switched to “on” which, depending on the output port, may warn us (falsely) that a chiller has gone down or the solar/gas hot water system is too cold.

What sort of things would cause a T3 to randomly reboot? I would like to troubleshoot it, but don’t know where to start.

Haven’t seen this sort of behavior but send on your program and we’ll try to duplicate it here in the lab. Like you found with the Ethernet grounding issue between buildings, this could be some sort of electrical noise problem which will be difficult to duplicate here.

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