NTP Server , Time Synchronization

is anyone has experience with time sync in T3 controller ?
i ask our IT admin to give me an NTP Server IP address in local network
its . but the controller cant find it and give an error that can not find the server .

Also the time show on the LCD controller and T3000 Software is not Same

We’ll do some tests here. Any idea what your IT folks are using as the NTP server there?

After some quick reading on NTP servers, I see there are a lot of parameters to setting them up including encryption which the T3 controllers dont support. Could you point your PC to this NTP server and confirm that is working from the PC at least.

yes its work on the other Machine . i have to work with IT folks that which parameter is changeable and test them again on the controller .

I can confirm that T3 doesn’t work with NTP (123 UDP port).

Port 123 UDP is indeed the standard NTP port, tested and working well over here at the office. Please double check there and if things still dont work out I will do more debugging with you. Some ISP’s will block certain ports on your router, we had to specifically ask them to open things up… though I wouldnt expect 123 UDP to be on their block list but need to rule that out please.

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