T3000 Webview graphic quick start

T3000 HVAC Drawer

This web-based tool allows users to create and visualize HVAC system drawings for buildings, to utilize data obtained from T3000 devices for rendering animated drawings.

The T3000 software can so some basic animation; for instance then fan can rotat and the damper open depending on the actua real time situaiton.

Nested graphics can be created, starting with a floor plan the various zones and systems can be linked from the overall view.

To get started, select a T3 controller in your system, then click the “Graphics” icon. Give each of the graphics you plan to build in the grid, then double click to head into a paricular graphic screen. Next upload a picture of a room as a background.

  • A sample floor plan

Each of the sub-graphics can have their own picture as well. Insert an element and then use “Link to an entry” to point to the other graphics. Enter the Label of the sub-image to complete the link.

Open the various pages in your system you can use the rudimentary built in T3000 webview to draw basic walls, ducts and son and populate them with the various IO of the system. If you have your own library and grapgics system you can also import your own drawings as bitmaps.

  • Air handler 1

You can link the real time IO by inserting an element and then click “Link with an entry


You can link any IO or object from any controller in the system by referring to their user short 8char name (OUTTEMP) or the panelID, object name reference method (2IN1), both will work.

The drop down menu system will do its best to help you filter down to 144 VAR1 for instance, enter “144VAR” and select it from the drop-down menu.


Once an entry has been linked you can click on the graphic screen to perform actions on the entry, such as changing the auto/manual mode, changing colors, fonts and so on.

  • Air Handler 2

After all the graphics are finished, click on the lock icon to lock it, All data is stored in the T3 controller and also in the *.prog file when you save it. Eventually we plan to get at these pages without T3000 from a regular browser or phone. We appreciate your feedback to make this systm better.