Getting Started with Graphics

I need some basic help about adding graphics to my T3-BB controller with a connected PC.
I read an earlier post “Source for Graphics”.

I understand the first step is to use a separate graphics app to create a graphic (eg block-diagram) which will become the background and import into the T3.
The next step is attach data points (I,O, Variables) to the graphic for display/output purposes.

I dont understand how to use the graphic for user inputs, eg ’
(a) create an on-screen button which acts as an input for the program without a ‘real-world’ switch
(b) input a numerical value on-screen for use by the program - eg to define a setpoint?

Are these possible, or is graphics just “display only”??

Thanks in advance

Now is a good time to talk about the new webview features we’ve been working on. Alaa, our lead developer for this feature will show some basics to get us started. Stand by for an update here shortly. And you can also review the T3000 documentation for the original features, hit the F1 help key to bring up the documnents and search around for graphics.

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Dear @furness.brian
We are excited to introduce our new HVAC drawer window, which allows you to draw and link various elements such as inputs, outputs, and variables. Although this feature is still in beta, we would greatly appreciate it if you could try it out and provide us with your valuable feedback.

To get started, please follow these instructions:

  1. Open the T3000 software and ensure that you have the latest release installed. You can do this by navigating to “Help,” selecting “Check for updates,” and then clicking “Update T3000.” Once updated, go to the graphics tab and open the webview. Here is an example of how it should appear:

2- To create a button, you can use the “Value” object type and draw it on the screen. Here is an illustration of the process:

Upon drawing the button, a link entry dialog will appear. Select an entry (you can type the entry description to easily locate it) and click “Save.” This will establish the link for the button. Here is an example of the dialog:

Your button will now appear as shown below, and you can lock the view to enable the button to switch the On/Off value:

3- To display a numeric value, utilize the “Value” object type and link it to your desired entry, as explained in the previous step. Here is an example:

Please note that our upcoming release will also support using images as drawing objects ( it’s ready but not released yet )

I hope this information proves helpful. Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Best regards

Hi Maurice,
Does the T3-NB support the graphics package? I hit WEBVIEW (Beta) and get an error message. I’ve checked edge in the firewall but unsure about the proxy server settings. Please help?

Yes it does support webview, there may be some problems with the installation package. If you haven’t updated lately please do that. If there’s still trouble our team is ready to help out. Its going to be good once this is working…!

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I tried updating multiple times and restarting but I cant seem to get the beta button… I even reinstalled a newer version over my old one… any advise on how to get a better graphics interface?

Hi , DaveNZ_CBS .
If the button you click is still WEBVIEW(Beta), you are using an older version of T3000, and we recommend that you update T3000 by navigating to T3000 → help → check for updates → update T3000.
The new interface will choose whether to use the old version or the new version based on the PC and firmware version.

You can update the T3 controller itself in the same dialog, some new graphics features do require the latest firmware to work.


So, how do you open the HVAC Drawer then? The only thing I can do is put a background image in and use the Insert function to add monitor points.


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Fandu can you please check into this, I am getting the ‘can’t reach this page’ error which I have seen before as well.

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I ended up having to delete the old graphics I created, push the update and then the HVAC Drawer Screen pop up worked. Unfortunately, I’m now also having this Local Host Refuses to Connect issue referenced above.

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You will need to update your firmware version to a version greater than rev64.3 to have the HVAC Drawer functionality, otherwise your firmware version will not support the older Graphic functionality that this feature will display.

Select help-check for updates-download firmware and update for the device you want to update.

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Thank you for reaching out. I am running 64.5 in my controllers but still getting an error message when trying to open the Graphics.


Just to confirm you did update to the latest by going to T3000 → help → check for updates → update firmware.

Fandu is working on the graphics problem, I was getting the error message even with virtual devices as well. He will have some news soon.

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Yes, multiple times a day over the past few days.

I have tested 5 different computers in the office, all of which can work normally. I am not sure why your PC can’t work. If possible, I hope to help you analyze and solve this problem remotely. My email is fandu with the suffix
Please send me your Anydesk ID if you could, or contact via Skype, Zoom, etc.

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