T3000 software doesn't show basic settings page for devices

Strange issue with Windows 10, Tstat10 using WiFi, and the T3000 software:

When clicking on Tstat10 device, I am automatically taken to the advanced settings page (the one with the tabs for Basic Information, dydns, email, etc.) It doesn’t appear that I can access the Information page (the one with the home button) that includes the basics like set points and current temperature.

Basically, the gear icon and house icon take me to the same place. I have tried adding virtual devices and I get the same behavior.

Any help would be appreciated!

The Tstat10 is basically a blank slate like the programmable T3-XX series, there’s no canned logic or setpoints like there is with the Tstat8. Graphics and more user freindly screens need to be created in the Graphics Screens section like we did here:

I agree some of the Tstat8 canned logic would be good to have around, we’ll be looking at how to squeeze some of it into the Tstat10 in the coming weeks.

Ah, thanks for the reply and info!

Can you link to an example for the Tstat10 and simple up/down buttons for changing temperature setting?

Yep, this basic setpoint operation should definitely be in there. I will get with the team tomorrow and come up with something.
Push us, I like it.

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