How to make T3-OEM's graphic

hi Maurice
If there is a T3-OEM graphics tool? please give me a document and operating procedures.

We’re working on it, I’ll ask the team to push out a demo version here this week. It will show up as a new button here.


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Are you talking about T3-OEM display? Would be great to have something relevant displayed. Is that coming any time soon?

Also would be nice to have additional optional stickers on front panel.

Yes, this is in development now. We have a fellow working on many parameters, graphics and so on that you can configure. Should have something to show in a month or less.

Hi Maurice, using the T3000 software installed on the PC it is possible to enable different types of users: for example, a user can access in read-only mode and view the graphic monitoring pages. It is a very useful thing. What do you think if the controller had a built-in web server to display the graphic pages built with T3000 software? Using the HTTP protocol I think it would be more versatile and integrable from a software point of view in a company’s application infrastructure. And it would be independent of the T3000 software.
What do you think?

Agreed, we need more features like you describe. The web view work is well under way and we should have something to show in a matter of weeks. The login/users feature might actually already be done but I need to check with the team.

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