Schedule and motion confusion

I can’t figure out how to program set points for schedules on my equipment. I have the T3-BB and a Tstat8 connected via BACnet, using T3000 for programming.
I can get into the Tstat8’s schedule tab and set up times and set points, but then there’s no obvious way to program these setpoints.
In the T3’s configuration there’s a page called Sub Panel Zone Control but I can’t seem to get these values to do anything either.

I also can’t seem to find any settings for how the motion sensor is supposed to operate. There’s an Enable/Disable drop down and a “sensitivity” field which seems to usually have a mind of its own but no way that I can see to dictate what action the sensor triggers, or for how long.

What am I missing?


Here’s some tips on managing schedules and setpoints between the T3 controller and a subnet of thermostats. I have set up two schedules, one for the office areas and another for the common areas. Click the clock icon to bring up the table of schedules, hit insert on any row to bring up the table of on and off times for that particular schedule at Tab2.
Click on the “Sub Panel Zone Schedule” button at Tab3 to associate these schedules with each of the thermostats in the system.

The T3 controller and associated subnet devices are shown from the tree at Tab4, these will also appear in the “Sub Panel Zone Schedule” table at Tab5 as shown. For each of the thermostats you can now associate a schedule at Tab6 and input the setpoints at tab7. The T3 controller will automatically propagate these settings to the thermostats on the subnet.

Todo: While preparing this post I see we should get rid of the Awake Setpoint and Away Setpoints in this table, the T3 controllers use standard Bacnet schedules which only support two states. Additionally, we need to add the heating and cooling setpoints to this table for cases where the user would like to adjust those separately.

Excellent, that will help a lot. Where will this be posted once completed, so I can keep a watch out for it?