T3-BB Controller Restarts Automatically

We have 2nos T3-BB controllers in two different DDC panels which are identical to each other (same IO mapping & same program, etc…) and both the systems are in operation.

One of above T3-BBs restarts automatically once in every 20-25 mins.

Behavior of the T3 while restarting;

  1. LCD goes off with no light/texts. No communication with the PC during this time. All LED bulbs including the bulbs at AO & DO switch off. (Values which are assigned for AOs/DOs now equal to 0% /off)
  2. Right after, all LED bulbs (including all AO & DO) and LCD begin to light up. (Values which are assigned for AOs & DOs now equal to 100% /on)
  3. After few seconds, Outputs shows the actual values what it should be as per the program. LEDs are also lit up correctly.
  4. This entire process takes about 1 min time period.
  5. Controller runs again for another 20-25 mins and automatically restarts again. Programs work correctly after above restart.
  6. However no communication between T3 & PC after this automatic restarting process. (To re-establish the communication, manual power restart is required)

I received an email from you later saying that all was well after updating the firmware. Standing by to help if there are any other issues.

No. That email refers to the problem we had regarding the communication issue of T3 controllers. Pls refer the relevant forum post; Trouble in Connecting to T3-BB & T3-TB (Controller goes offline) and glad to say that communication is now strong after upgrading to the latest firmware.

This post is for a new issue as T3-BB restarts automatically and the problem remains even after firmware is updated.

Make sure all the programs exit each scan. Gotos and Gosubs cannot loop back on themselves.

The reason behind this is that the outputs are buffered till the program exits and only after the exit is the state of the output written out to the hardware. If the program never exits this will cause problems.

Please update the firmware, if there are infinite loops in your programs the relevant program will be automatically turned off so you can at least log in and edit the programs. When you’re done you turn the program back on. In the next release we’ll put up a dialog to alert you to any infinite loops as well.


Updated the firmware, all programs exit each scan but issue remains.

We just removed all the programs from the controller and rechecked unfortunately problem is still there.

FYI: Other T3-BB which is in operation with the same program, runs correctly.

We may have to get the controller back from you and we’ll get it on the test bench.

Please write via email and we will discuss the options in more detail.


Program.txt (360 Bytes)

10 TEMP_SET = 49
20 RH_SET = 55
30 H01_SET = 48
40 H02_SET = 47
50 H03_SET = 46
60 OUT1 = PID1
70 OUT2 = PID2
80 OUT3 = PID3
90 OUT4 = PID4
110 RH_ER = ABS ( Z_RH - RH_SET )

Appreciate if you could check the program what we have loaded in subject T3 for any unforeseen errors, before sending the Controller back to you to test for hardware failures.

Send on the full *.prog file, you can save it by going to T3000 -> file -> save as.