Red Online Offline 'X' on the tree

I made an interesting discovery with my group of T3-LB(ARM)'s. When a controller shows up occasionally with a Red X on the T3000 my usual move is simply to power cycle it. That usually clears it up. But I almost always noticed that the heartbeat LED was flashing in its usual 1 a second way. So I tried simply resetting the Ethernet connection by unplugging the cable, or disabling and enabling the port on the Ethernet switch. Either way, the red X would go away and the T3 would start communicating again. This is a little cleaner way to clear up the problem. I wish there was a software option to recycle the port when the T3 sensed that comms were down for more than a given time period.

The latest T3000 front end clears this up, there were a lot of false negatives with the online/offline state of the devices. There’s still a few false positives, the team is working on that.

I took the following steps to kill the red X.

  1. Installed new firmware 50.4
  2. Made sure there were no duplicate variable, input or output names across all 4 T3’s
  3. Attached each T3 to ground.

For the last week, the dreaded Red X has disappeared! :grinning:
I still have some T3’s that occasionally reboot themselves, but I will post that under a different topic

Good news then, thanks for the update.

Call me crazy but the dreaded “Red X” has reappeared. This time it’s a slightly less intense red X. I call it a pink X. It is as if a real Red X is in bold and a “pink” X is just normal intensity. A real red X is a unit that is physically disconnected or certainly un-ping-able. The T3 that has a pink X is still ping-able but it seems to strain when asked to display the Variable list. It eventually shows up but just seems to take longer.
OK, here’s my question for you and Chelsea. Is this all just a part of my imagination or is there something under the covers that would make one red x look different than another??

Hi tdawgtoo , Can you tell me which firmware are you using? Our newest version is 52.2
Can you give me some screenshot about your device infomation and your PC’s ethernet adatper settings.

Hi Fandu,
Thanks for your response. Yes, I am using firmware 52.2. I have attached a screenshot of the low-intensity Red X, or what I have named the Pink X. It also shows the version of T3000 software I am using. See the blue pointer for the slightly lower intensity Red X. I am just inquiring about the meaning of the different intensity because I can ping this node but within the software the response is a bit slower. The other nodes that have the red X’s (with normal intensity) are not in direct use by any programs and have always been there. I guess they’re discovered automatically. I access those via RS-485 connections.
The other screenshot shows my PC’s IP info that you have requested.
This whole inquiry is just about documenting the meaning of the two types of red X’s. The T3 is functioning normally.