Saving variables through a power cycle

Chelsea, I assume your message is for @Max, not me.
In my case, I sent you a full chelsea.prog for my T3-TB 2 days ago.

Btw, I’m checking how my T3-LB behaves with firmware 51.0
Some temperature measurement with variables that hold min and max. If the T3-LB reboots, I’ll have some history of those values (and of course those min/max will be reset to zero)

In the case of a pulse counter configured on one of the inputs, the last count is saved every 5 seconds or so. When the controller powrs back up the counter will continue from where you left off.

In the case of a variable which is managed by your program, this will revert to whatever the variable was when you sent or saved the program to/from the controller. I can see there’s applications where you would want to continue from the last value so we’ll see about adding this feature to an upcoming release.

In the mean time if there’s a way you can save those variables in a trend log that would be one method of saving the data. You need an SD card in your controller to save trend logs for now. The next version of our boards have the SD card built in.