T3-TB Output wiring to control RTU

I need to control a RTU via it’s R, G, Y1, Y2 and Y3 terminal inputs (only cooling)

I have connected R to DO4(28) and jump the R to DO5(29), DO6(30), DO7(31).
Then connected DO4(42) to the G, DO5(43) to the Y1, DO6(44) to the Y2 and DO7(45) to the Y3.

Is this wiring correct?
Is there any other wiring scheme that may work?

Since the T3 controllers are fully programable you can wire any output to any terminal of the thermostat. Just give the outputs a name, set the range and write the program according to your IO list and your sequence.

Thanks Maurice.
I understand that.

Question, How can I check that the output is working?
When the Output is ON, Can I check for continuity between the two connections of the Output?

The problem is the output is ON, but no cooling stage is turning ON.
When I check for continuity, there is none.

Another thing is that all DO presents the same issue. AO does not present any problem.

Thanks Maurice;
The REAL problem I have is that the DO are not closing. Although the programming is working, and the LED is turned ON when each of the DO’s are triggered, the DO’s do not close, there is no continuity in all of the 8 DO’s. All the 6 AO’s are good and working well.
To ADD to the situation, I have four (4) T3-TBs that suddenly and at the same time, simply the DO’s stop working.

This was a project that was already commissioned and delivered.
I need help in troubleshooting.

Sorry for the urgency, I know you have a lot in you plate.


One of the T3-TB was cleared to factory default and updated to MCU Ver. 62.9.
Of the eight DO’s, now DO1 to DO3 works.
DO4 to DO8 does NOT works.
AO1 to AO6 works.

DO4 to DO8 where the original output used to control the RTU.
I’m incline to conclude that these outputs are fried and the T3-TB needs to be replaced.

Also, because the T3 outputs are so robust, I’m incline to conclude that the problem arises from the ethernet connection. (All T3-TB are connected via ethernet).
Is there a device to protect the T3-TB from electrical surges coming through the ethernet connection?

Please advise