Schedule&calendar set

I tried to change the schedule and calendar of T3 controller from the third-party BA software, but failed.

You’ll have to give me a little more to work with that this. Let me know what tool you are using and what you saw. We’ll try to duplicate the issue here.

For general purpose Bacnet testing we will test with YABE, it’s a generic open source bacnet tool and is included in our T3000 application, go to T3000 → tools → Bacnet tool.

hi maurice

I using Deltacontols Software ORCAview3.40 . I can’t set schedule & Calendar in this application.
the dongle emulator only supports windows7 32bit.This may be inconvenient for you.

dongle emulator download link:
software download link:

Thank you so much for taking care of this for me.

1.The following picture is the schedule I set in the T3000 software, but in delta’s software this schedule only read, cannot write.

Chelsea is on it. I know we’ve done work with clients using Orca before. We’re downloading the tools now and will have a response on this by tomorrow.

hi maurice
today, i try this function in shneider’s sbo software .
T3 sch object can running in shneider’s sbo and i can chang the schedule,but in delta’s orcaveiw ,nothing i can do.I hope our team can solve this problem for me, because this is very importan.
thanks our team!
thanks maurice!

we did download the software, and we tried to install it, but failed. no any instructions, i dont know how to install it, can you give us any instructions?

Installation steps of orcaveiw.docx (479.6 KB)
The emulator dongle only work on win7 32 bit systems.

We had Orcaview running at one point in the office here with a Delta dongle but returned that to our client a while back. We will get set up with a Win7 machine here shortly and see what we can do for you. Also if you had a wireshark capture maybe we can spot something from that.

Could you show us how to set up a schedule, its been a while.

Thanks for those screen shots. I took the liberty of converting this to online form rather than a docx file to make it easier for others to see. Our team will be working on this and reporting back first thing next week.

Schedule settings


3、Search sch object

4、An error

5、schedule setting table

6、Change sch

7、apply settings

8、another error
9、T3000 sch settings