T3 Controller Communications to Third Party Bacnet devices

hi maurice!
I connected to a third-party bacnet controller with a t3-bb device on both the main RS485 and sub RS485 ports, and then I tried various communication rates. I got this: T3-BB can communicate with third-party bacnet devices, but it’s very unstable to communicate with bacnet devices, even at the 9600 Baud rate, which is going to be a serious problem, and I hope our team can improve it. In the meantime, I used the YB tool to search for devices under the t3-bb485 bus and was able to find the device, but couldn’t read the dots because the t3-bb didn’t communicate well.

It will be best to do your testing with only one connection active at a time to get started. Send on a few screen shots and we’ll see what we can see. I know we have added support to show third party devices in the T3000 tree, I will ask the team to test it out and show you some screen shots.

1.BACnet MSTP Setting

2.Basic information

3.BACnet MSTP Address =11

4.LED Status


for this , we have always known that the T3-nano can connect to the Bacnet MSTP, and finally, we will use the Delta Orca to connect to the entire network.
6.use delta orcaview to connect

7.there is fualt
when i write a value to bo_object ,after a moment the controler will offline

8.I tried to use OPC to read BACnet objects, read the point succeeded, but found the same communication instability problem, write value failed.The communication rate is very slow, although my baud rate is set to 76,800

We tried to install on Win7 but not much progress. We’ll try again Tues.

If you had a wireshark capture that would be helpful.

Here’s the version with 3rd party bacnet devices showing in the tree, it hasnt quite made it into the main repository, we’ll merge it soon:

Thank you, Maurice!
If you need a hardware Dongle, we have a hardware dongle for windows 10.

Our crew didn’t have any luck with the Win7 installation. You could send an email and we’ll connect with you over Anydesk. You can have a look at what we’re doing. If that doesn’t work then sure, send on the dongle and we’ll do more tests.


Hi Maurice
Regarding the problem of unstable communication between T3 device 485 bus and third party device, we will provide you with Delta’s ORCAView dongle and controller and software program. Please tell candy to send us your company contact information and address.

Chelsea has a dongle and a Delta controller here now, we will get set up to test soon


seems still need password. Can you send us by email? chel****@temcocontrols.com

We uploaded new firmware Rev62.2 which fixes a communications bug, deep in the ethernet silicon itself it appears there is some subtle issue. We have figured out how to detect the condition and simply reset the chip, you should be good to go now with this latest 62.2 version firmware.