How to connect BACnet equipment to t3000

I want to connect the BACnet device(not TEMCO device) to t3000,

is it possible?

Connecting to the Yabe program was successful.

but i failed to connect to t3000

how can i connect this?

You wont see the foreign devices in the T3000 tree for now, we’re working on that, but you can certainly use the Bacnet objects in the foreign device in your programs, trendlogs and alarms of the T3 controller environment. See the section on ‘network programming’ in this forum for examples on how to do that.
Update: Here’s the link.

The other thing you can do is see the bacnet objects on your 3rd party device using the Bacnet tool, navigate from T3000 -> Tools -> Bacnet tool.


Is the current T3000 version can do this?
Can it show foreign BACnet devices and interact with them?

Indeed it can do that. Please download from here,

This is not the latest version so you can update by navigating to T3000 → help → check for updates → Update T3000.

Here you can see a Honeywell Spyder Control and a Reliable Controls Mach Pro from our T3000 application. Click on the inputs icon and the inputs will show up. Also outputs and vars, schedules can be seen.

Also you can check T300 → Tools → Bacnet tool which is just ‘Yabe’ launched separately from T3000.