T3 to connect MSTP devices to BACnet controller over IP

I have a T3-Nano (purchase to be router from BACnet /MSTP to BACnet/IP)
Have a CO gas detector (BACnet MSTP) connected to Main of T3 (38400)
Have OrcaView on PC
The OrcaView see the T3-NB(170256)
The OrcaView see the (270111) - empty no info!

The T3-NB has the detector as a tab but thinks its a temp sensor and can not be changed
The OrcaView has no information of device and errors X very quickly

Could I ask you to give this system a go using our T3000 application which you can download from the product pages. That will hopefully discover all the temco and also non temco devices in the system to at last verify the packets are getting around correctly. Once that is going you could send us a screen shot here and perhaps I can spot something from that. Also a wireshark capture will be helpful, you could post it to dropbox or similar if the file is large. (Don’t send it to the forum as it probably has some private info in there as well.)


Hello Maurice
I have already connect the T3000 software and in the first Blog attached a JPG of the T3000 screen capture. I will get a Wire Shark capture once I have the equipment set backup

some screen capture Wireshark and T3000
The T3000 see the device and can request vales
The Wireshark see the MSTP requests

What I am looking for is the BACnet /IP requests getting data from the MSTP device

A view like this would help. The network structure will show up with the devices like so: Ethernet devices at Tab1 and subnet MSTP devices at Tab2


find attached screen shot of T3000

OK, I am going to have to refer this over to one of the developers here and unfortunately they are off for the local holiday till Feb8th. We’ll dig into this with you right after they get back.
Sorry that I missed your earlier T3000 screen shots, you have the system hooked up right, subnet devices on the subnet are reporting to T3000 and also to Yabe but not OrcaView. I noticed that T3000 is from May 2020, you could try updating that while you’re at it. There have been some features recently for viewing 3rd party bacnet devices in the tree view.

earlier, I also used a T3 device to connect to the 485 network and had a similar problem as you. I came to the conclusion that the T3 device is very unstable when connected to the 485 network, you can use Delta’s eB-CON or eBMGR or DSM-RTR test, that will not be a problem.


The version on your web site https://temcocontrols.com/shop/t3-nano/
points to the version of software I have loaded
May 29 2020 . 16
were would I find a newer version

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There’s no known issues with Bacnet MSTP communications but we’re always on the alert to do better and be more compatible. Do be sure you are testing with the latest firmware version by heading to T3000 → help → check for updates → update firmware.


Just head on to T3000 → help → check for updates. There you can update both the T3000 application and once you have done that you should update the device firmware as well.



How to clean up T3-Nano configurations
I have connected couple different BACnet instance ID to the T3 and it looks to be keeping these configurations even after I have removed the BACnet device

Is there a way to remove old configurations or set the T3 back to default settings

Have you tried this: T3000 → gear icon → basic information → clear device & clear subnet database


T3-XB just forwards BIP packets to MSTP subnet and back to IP, we tested mstp communication using yabe and using that we can see 3rd party subnet devices well. There’s been a new release of T3000 which also lets you see rudimentary bacnet objects on 3rd party subnet devices. We studied your Wireshark capture and cannot see any particular issues. We once had a dongle to run Orca view and do detailed testing but have since returned it to the client. If anyone out there has some time to spend on this with us we are standing by to dig deeper.

If necessary, we can provide a ORCAView dongle

Sure, send an email to coordinate. We’ll be sure to take good care of it, I know they’re not cheap.


Sharkout.csv (18.3 KB)

looks like OrcaView is requesting data and T3 is routing but OrcaView not see values

Yabe and T3 see MSTP device hit and miss

Chelsea can have a look on Monday. Thanks RG