Control of T3 BacNet Schedule time

i want to integrate T3-BB controller into 3rd party BMS System. Controlled devices must have schedules. I whould like T3 to run schedules, so in case network is not working controller will still work normally. Is it possible to change schedule time other Bacnet?

I found relevant points by scaning network, Schedule address SCH1…8. There are 1 and 0.

Yes of course, all the schedules are available as bacnet objects to third party applications.

Have a look at all the other Bacnet objects on the T3 controllers by using the T3000 software, Tools > Bacnet Tool. From here you can see everything that is available to Bacnet and if you need something that’s missing we’ll add it.

I already tried it but for some reason Yabe do not work, some time ago it was working. I disabled firewall, no luck.

The slave devices and sensors dont have schedules but the controller type devices like the T3-BB and Tstat10 for example, these have schedule objects.

Still Can’t find how to change schedule time from BacNet, also checked Modbus registers, can’t find anything there. I was looking for 8x9=72 or 8x7=56 registers with 4 digits value. Format 12:00 - 1200; 13:45 - 1345.

I checked around in the modbus register list and didnt see any Modbus schedule registers, I’ll add it to the list. However, I can put a plug in for doing your integration with Bacnet if that’s an option for you. Integrating will go a lot quicker than poring through the list of modbus registers.

Here’s how you can view the Bacnet objects using a standard Bacnet tool called Yabe. You can access it from the T3000 application. Assuming your environment supports schedules you will be able to manage the schedules like any other Bacnet object.

And here is how you can access the schedules from within our T3000 application directly. The source code for this application is on Github if you care to poke around.