Cross compiling T3000

Hi All,

I am interested in cross compiling T3000 for use on Linux systems. Has anyone been able to do this?
Visual studio is not really a cross platform tool as far as I know, but maybe I don’t really know.

Any thoughts?


There’s a Linux version in the works but the project has stalled, the person working on it has gone dark on me. If anyone is interested in continuing with it I am interested in supporting the project financially.

here’s the work done so far:

Maurice Duteau

Ok, so I can now compile it on Linux. Is there any updated code base? The bulk has updates from months ago and I know there has been a ton of work done since then, in the windows version at least.


The linux version is still stalled, anything you can do in the linux branch is welcome news. Also note the work done by @Brent in the node-red effort.