Node-Red GUI

I have been working on creating a Node-Red GUI (graphical user interface) for our Temco Controls Tstat8 thermostats. This application runs on a Raspberry Pi and is suitable for hobbyists as well as experienced developers working on iOT type applications:

The project is open source and will be a great starting point for your own projects and as it matures will be suitable for full production release. The user interface will make it easy to adjust setpoints and create schedules from any browser. The application runs on a Raspberry Pi4 with touch screen and you can access it from anywhere using a browser using tablets, PCs and phones. This is currently working using Modbus protocol, Bacnet is in the works.

Is there a github project for this? Or other?
Looks super cool

Here’s the repo,

You will need a Raspberry Pi 3 or better to run node red. I have a few samples of a DIN rail mount unit that we will be producing soon. Send us an email and we can send you more details.

I have quite a number of Pis out there doing real world work, so am pretty versed in the hardware. :slight_smile:

With this node-red system which Brent is working on running in the background, and the other ‘T3000 Multi Platform’ system running simultaneously to keep the Bacnet and Modbus communications going, this would be a powerful combination for you Jim. From the last chat with Brent we were thinking to share an SQL database between Node-Red and T3000 both running on the Pi.