TStat10 Modbus Registers for Icons?

The older Tstats had Modbus registers that would control the Icons and the scroll bar text. Does the Tstat10 have those registers (when I look at the published register list I can’t find them) and could I write into them with T3000 software - I believe there is a command to change Modbus registers ?
Has anyone looked into this to use the scrollbar and icons for custom applications ?

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The Tstat10 register list is more like the (programmable) T3-BB series controllers rather than the (configurable) Tstat8 thermostats. The T3-BB series has no graphic LCD so there’s some work to be done to add those features to the Tstat10 still. We’ll get to work on some features soon, in the meantime if you have anyone that knows their way around a C compiler the project is open source and we’ll support you well for any customizing you care to work on. Here’s the repository:

Question then: what compilers besides Keil will work? As far as I can tell, Keil is not a free try it out and then buy product.



So far just the keil compiler. one person was giving it a go with a free compiler from ST but was running into errors. I promised to see what we can do after the local holiday at the end of February.

Update: Still haven’t gotten to this, we’re working on designing out the ST chip which powers all our products, due to the global chip shortage the price has shot up from $4 to $24. We have a new chip lined up which brings the price back in line and has the bonus benefit of much more rom & ram, the work will be worth it.

Maurice Duteau


The github repo is posted here, the project is compiled with Eclipse and supports debugging over Jtag: