Tstat8 programming and debugging open source project

Hey everyone, I am looking to add custom firmware to the existing Tstat8 code and could use a push in the right direction. I am using the code found here: https://github.com/temcocontrols/BacnetThermostat .
I see that keil uvision is the preferred compiler, but when I attempt to import the project there, it appears the github source does not actually contain the uvision project. Essentially, I am looking to get the open source project up and running in an IDE so that I can also debug said project and add in custom firmware. I was also wondering if there is a preferred debugger/programmer for the Tstat8. Thanks.

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Hi aford:
We recommend that you use Keil5 to compile the Tstat8 project.
The first address of the program has been configured correctly in the Tstat8 project.
If you compile with another compiler, you may have some unexpected problems.


The Keil .uvprojx project file is in the repo here:

We’re using Keil Professional Version 5.14 which I know is not cheap. If anyone knows of some lower cost tools to compile the project let us know and we’ll jump in to make sure the project compiles.


Sorry, we’re not familiar with that compiler. Wish there was a more open source solution for us but we’re pretty heavily invested in the Keil. If you can get us a demo version of your compiler I could ask the team to work alongside you with suggestions.


Truestudio can be found here: https://www.st.com/en/development-tools/truestudio.html# for free, but we would be happy with any eclipse based IDE, truestudio seems to be a very viable alternative. If the team has any suggestions I would appreciate it immensely.

I will ask the team to install it and see how it goes. Thanks for pushing us, in a good way.


Sorry, no news to report unfortunately. Things are busy and haven’t had time to get to this but it is on the priority list. We return from a local holiday here on Feb 20 and I have made a note to get the team to work on it.

Maurice, any updates with this project?

There has been some developments indeed. What with the current global semiconductor shortage the price of our usual $4 chip from ST has risen to $24, there’s two of them on the T3-BB model in fact so we need to design this chip out. Work has started on porting to an ESP32 module which has not been affected by the shortage.

This new chip is that it has a LOT more rom and ram compared to the the ST chip and the compiler tools are free. The ESP32 has a big open source community based around it so there will be a lot of resources for you to draw on. There’s still a lot of work but if you’d like to get a jump on what’s coming and even help out with the porting you can send me an email with your github user name. I can then add you as a contributor on the repo. You can email to register3 (at) temcocontrols (dot) com.