Weather Station Light sensor failed after upgrade

i aplied the firmware “CO2_HUM_RESSURE_REV35.hex” as an upgrade to the weather station. After that the lux-sensor gives me values that are much too high. It shows 30880 Lux on my desk. how can i fix it?


I have checked our revision file and this maybe caused by the changing of light sensor calibration, before it use an offset to calibrate the light sensor value, and now it use a coefficient value, so after update it use the offset value as the coefficient value, so the light value is very big.
you can see the calibration value in register 539, the typical value of coefficient is 15, so you can change the value of register 539 to 15 to see if you can get a reasonable light value.

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Hi charly,
Sensor gives me much more reasonable values now. Thanks for your help.