CO2-W-TH Reads Bad Temp on startup, bad Hum after Firmware update


On startup had bad Temperature, maxed out. Updated firmware to rev95 and now the Humidity is slammed at 100%.

Upper is the bad sensor, bottom was a good sensor for comparison.
This has happened on multiple sensors.

It is always OK in our normal test. Can you check the cable is loose, or change the humidy sensor.


Everything looks good as far as the cables. This is the second sensor we had this issue with. Have also changed humidity sensor.

You can swap the sensor element and the electronics on the lid easily by disconnecting and swapping parts around, see if the problem follows one item or the other.
Also you could send a screen shot from the T3000 application and perhaps we can pick something up from there. The calibration offset for example, make sure that is set to zero.


Yes, we have replaced it with a “good” sensor. I have 3 of these sensors that appear to be “bad”. Are we sure it’s not a software issue, or I am configuring improperly?

Thank you,

So you have swapped items around and you know which parts of the assembly are having problems, correct? If so we can arrange a swap with you, just let us know which items have the problems. For what its worth, there are no known issues with the products and they have been in production a long time now.