CO2 fail after update to Firmware 9.1

CO2 with sensorr SCD30 stop working after update, MH_Z19B is OK.

Looks like it is not retailed to firmware, but with Re-calibration function?

OK, standing by to help

CO2 sensor SCD30 do not work after update. Then i downgraded to v.55 and then again upgraded to v.9.1 some devices “changed sensor” to MH_Z19B and started to work, but not all of them.
Starting point:

After update:

After downgrade:

Update again:

After multiple upgrades downgrades, i think issue is that wrong sensor is detected.

Looks like you have solved the issue, if you are still having trouble you can let us know. Also be sure to update the T3000 front end, the firmware and UI are linked.