Weather Station abnormal Humidity values after Upgrade

after upgrading the Weather station to rev43 it shows a wrong humidity value. The factory calibration table looks very strange:

is there a mistake in that table and how can i correct it?

Checking on this now. That table does look messed up. More news shortly.

Hi Paul
There are two models of the HUM module, the early model had a black plastic ring visible while the later model has only metal showing. We think you probably have the early model with the black plastic ring showing, the updates have been tested and should have gone smoothly but perhaps there are some edge cases like this where the factory calibration data gets clobbered during an update.

We’d like to send you one of the new model if this is the case. Standing by to help.


Hello Maurice,
yes, it has a black plastic ring. The electronic box has label on the inside which shows the following:

is ther a way to correct the calibration table?

Spring will send you a replacement module, this is the outdoor weather station which I have to confess was a new product at the time. We could update the firmware but may as well just send you the replacement to get you up & running fast.

Could you email privately with your shipping address, we’ll send the replacement module your way today.



Paul :

Please give us your address , Candy will send you a replacement probe today.



the address is:

Paul Lutum

[Moderator] I will take the liberty of hiding this personal info here Paul. The replacement module is on the way to you now.

Kind Regards


Hello Maurice,
i got the replacement probe and installed it. Thank you for that. The shown value is different now but is still not correct. The value shown on a rainy day 43% while another independant Humidity sensor shows 84% which i believe is plausible. The calibration table looks a little strange to me. I would expect something like a curve or so but not such an up and down. Is this calibration correct?

You can zero out the user calibration table now.l and then switch to the factory calibration table. These latest humidity sensors are a digital type, you can still add your own calibration points if you like but they are super accurate.

Maurice Duteau