Updating the Node-Red Home Automation Flow - Latest flow uploaded June 25

***Update - I have removed the attached files and uploaded the latest to our Github site - please check there for the most recent files.

In order to update the Home Automation flow 3 files need to be replaced. First go to your ‘Configuration’ tab in the Home Automation GUI and make note of or take a screen capture of all of the settings, as doing this will overwrite all of the existing settings.

Then connect to the system via SSH, or via WinSCP and then run Putty from there - instructions for installing, configuring and running WinSCP and Putty can be found here.

Connect via WinSCP and run Putty and then enter ‘node-red-stop’.


Leave the Putty command prompt window open and go back to WinSCP. Navigate to /home/pi/.node-red and rename the settings.js and home_gui.json to settings.backup and home_gui.backup, then copy the new settings.js, and home_gui.json to the system - navigate to the folder containing the new files on the left, select the files and click ‘Upload’.

Then on the right go into the context directory (double-click on context) and you will find a folder that is named something similar to what you see below.


Double-click on that folder, rename the ‘flow.json’ file to ‘flow.backup’ and upload the new flow.json file.

Once this has been done you can go back to the Putty command window and type ‘node-red-start’ to run Node-red again, then you can close the Putty window and close WinSCP. Now you can navigate to http://nodered.local:1880/ui - go to the Configuration tab and re-enter any settings that are different from what you made note of in the first step.

Here are the latest files for updating the Home Automation GUI.

I have deleted the files for this - please go here for the latest files.