Tstat8 no longer displays or communicates

I have two Tstat8’s. The second one is still working fine. The first one (purchased 03/18) no longer seems to initialize. When power is applied, the display double flashes every second for about 5 seconds but then goes dark, instead of lighting up normally. I don’t see any communication via the RS485 either. Is there any way to try to revive it? Thanks for any help you can give

The device is in ‘ISPmode’ , possibly as a result of a partial firmware update during your testing. It can be easily recovered by using the T3000 In system programming tool, the “ISPTool”.

If you have not already installed T3000 you can download it from here:

https://temcocontrols.com/ftp/software/ <This is the general download folder.

https://temcocontrols.com/ftp/software/09T3000Software.zip <This is the T3000 application.

You will also need a copy of the latest firmware for the particular device, you can download firmware from here:


From the T3000 menu select tools → load firmware for a single device at Tab1, then fill in the connection parameters at Tab2 if you’re connected using RS485. This is the recommended connection method for recovering the Tstat8. You can also connect to the various T3 controllers and expansion modules using Ethernet by setting the IP address at tab3. Finally, if you’re working on an RS485 subnet device such as a Tstat8 connected to the T3 controller you’ll also fill in the subnet address ID at Tab4.

If you don’t know the Address ID you can use ID=255 which is the global broadcast address, be sure to only have one device connected if you do this or all the devices can possibly end up in ISPMode. For the current version of T3000 you should set the baud rate manually, the device will be using whataver you were last successfully communicating with, he default is 19.2k baud.

Set the file path to the firmware file at Tab5. Cycle power on the stat and then hit the FLASH button while the device is in ISPMode (for about ten seconds after power up). The LCD backlight will be blinking with two blips every couple seconds, other devices will have the heartbeat LED blinking with two blips every couple seconds.

Thank you, Maurice, for your great tech support! I was able to flash it and get it working again easily. I used a RS485 connection at 19.2k baud and the broadcast address 255. First it verified the hex file, then opened the COM port successfully, then Initialized and Erased the old programming and then reprogrammed successfully in about 3.5 minutes. The display then appeared normal. A little hiccup was that I then scanned for the device and the software couldn’t find the tstat8. That must have been because it came back up in BACnet protocol. I used the buttons on the tstat8 to put select Modbus protocol and rescanned and the software found it just fine. Thanks again for such great products and support. Brian

Thanks for the good feedback.

Check back in a week or two, we should be able to manage the stats in Bacnet mode soon.