TSTAT10 bricked during firmware update

All was going great. Was getting everything working the way I wanted on my first site.

Thought I would do a routine update… Updated T3000 then tried to update the TSTAT10 from T3000. It stopped communicating 17% into the second file. Now when I power cycle, it just has a blank flashing screen. Cannot communicate with it via wifi or modbus…


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Every time it restarts, screen is flashing, that means device is in ISP mode. You should run update while device is in ISP mode. I use different routines depending on situation. If device is easy to connect directly to PC, best to do so and run update while it blinks.
Is it blinking after power on?

Thanks for the reply, yes blinks when powered up. Will try updating via modbus again. Was trying via an ethernet RTU will also try an USB to rs485 stick I have.

This doesn’t look good, can see the device via modbus (sees the bootloader version) but won’t program…

Apparently it didn’t like the ethernet to 485 link, used dongle and all is good again… Thank you.

Thanks, my unit got bricked during the initial 62.7 update so I started with the 62.5. When it was successful (due to direct PC connection) I then flashed 62.7 successfully…

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