TStat6 Documentation and Firmware?

Just received several Tstat6’s WiFi (new and unused) for testing / trials and am looking for documentation and any available Firmware. Also looking for Documentation of KeyPad display parameters / settings. Thank you.

Model: Tstat6
Serial: 652xx (range)
Firmware: 40.9
Hardware: 10
PIC: 20

BTW, Found and (successfully) downloaded Firmware 44.9 / 449 (with RS485/USB adapter) which has “disabled” all the functions in the Tstat6 when viewed from the T3000 Software, but the Tstat6’s display and keypad are operating and functional. The Tstat6’s are set at 19.2K Baud and RS485…

The Tstat6 is out of production now but most of the features of the current Tstat8 also apply to the Tstat6. You can find the documentation and software for the Tstat8 here:

For new projects I would suggest you go with the latest model which is the Tstat8.

Thanks for the reply.
I had already purchased a couple Tstat8’s with RH, and T3-TB’s which are currently in trials. I just could not pass on a package deal of the unused Tstat6’s and a T3-BB (Asix) for the price of shipping.

BTW, I got the Tstat6’s working / running with the ver. 44.9 firmware, by not relocating the “Flash” jumper on the PCB prior to download.

Sounds like you are up & away with the project, standing by to help if any issues crop up.