I am interested in this new product and would like to consult the technical sheet and the presentation of this product


Interesting, not sure where you saw it becuase its a new product we havent mentioned much except for in some emails. I’ll have Arry post a preliminary data sheet here now.

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can you send me the full wiring diagram

What we have so far is up there, lower part of page 2. There’s Two lines coming in for the power, 90 to 240VAC. Then five relay outputs for the three speed fan & two valves. There is no modulating outputs and no spare terminals for sensors and so on, those will come later. Communications is over wifi only, no RS485 or other options on this either for now.


Look at the screenshot of the wiring diagram.thank you.

Cool Looking Stat.
Unfortunately, for in Canada, it must be CSA as it is line voltage. Any plans on that front?


This stat is aimed at the smaller Euro/Asia electrical boxes, it wouldn’t fit on an 11-10. Thinking about it just now, I do have some tooling for the North American electrical box that we did on a project for a Canadian floor heating company called Nuheat. They didn’t end up going ahead to production so the tooling is available for other projects.

Others can chime in, UL and CSA are a big investment so I’d like to get a feel for the demand.

Anyone can help my problem. When i upgrade the firmware of TSTAT9 using USB cable the device did not power up.

Sounds like the firmware update didnt complete entirely. You could try flashing again using the ‘ISPTool’. Cycle power and you can generally do a firmware update in the first few seconds after power up. The display should be flashing with two blips every second or so after power up, this is the period where the device is looking for a new firmware image before it fully boots up to normal mode. If you dont see the two blips on the LCD backlight during power up then there’s a hardware issue.

I have purchased my first T3, controller T3-TB to be precise. I am struggling to understand how I connect the Tsta9 to the MS/TP network.

  • What baud rate do I select for the BACnet MS/TP network?
  • Can I change the baud rate on the Tstat9 itself to match the settings on the settings tab via the T3000 software
  • I’ve tried all different baud rates with no luck of discovering the device.
  • I am assuming the T3-TB is able to have the Tstat9 connected to it via MS/TP
  • I tried rebooting the T3-TB also but that did not do help either.T3000 Bacnet Baud Rate

The first step for configuring subnet devices is to log in directly on the device over RS485 and set up the protocol and baud rate there. While you are at it you could update the device firmware.

Once you have done that you can then connect it to the T3 subnet and configure the T3 subnet communication parameters to match the device. COnnect one device at a time and make sure each of the subnet devices has a unique Bacnet MAC ID/ Modbus RTU ID.