Tstat8 Schedules and programming

I’m having a real hard time correlating the bacnet schedule in the Tstat8 with the schedule wizard in T3000. I’m using WIFI and MSTP to eliminate communication issues. I can’t tell what’s doing what. When I change one, only sometimes is the other changed. Not only this, but in the BACnet tool, I can see and change the weekly times of the bacnet schedule object, but in other software (Niagara AX), I get an error saying the device doesn’t support WriteProperty. This is a desperate attempt to see if anyone else out there has had luck with it.

Also, the programming tool is not available. Is this a canned only device?

There were a few issues with the first batch of Wifi products, please update the firmware using T3000 -> help -> check for updates -> download firmware & update. Communications has been improved a lot and also there were a couple issues with schedules as you have noted.

Tstat8 is indeed the ‘canned’ logic model, to get the user programming go with the Tstat10. Its pretty much the same price so it will eventually phase out the Tstat8.


Ok, great- that makes sense. On the Tstat10. I got the 8 at first because of the available UL listings and Bacnet PIC.

I’m using firmware version 9.8. I loaded version 10.0 and it bricked the tstat times. I had to flash it back in order for it to come back. But it does act like it has WiFi communication issues. Hoping there’s another firmware version that can correct it.


I’ll put together some UL docs and Pic list for the Tsta10, it’s the same hardware with the exception of an additional RAM chip is all. The PIC list will have more Bacnet functions to it compared to the Tstat8.

Not sure if the latest firmware got pushed out to the firmware update system, Chelsea will check that on Monday.


The firmware version of Tstat8 Rev10.0 had some issues as you found it, it has been pulled from the firware update system and we reinstated 9.8.
A new version will be released in a couple days after we do some more testing.

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I was just informed that the Tstat8 ver10 will brick early model Tstat8’s which has trouble handling the latest larger firmware files so flashing back to version 9.8 is indeed a good fix. We’ve taken down version 10 and will replace it shortly with 10.1 with the wifi communications improvements and can handle the new & larger firmware files as well, should be done with that early this week.

For new projects and especially when integrating with Niagara you should definitely consider the Tstat10, it is where we’re focusing our development efforts. Any compatibility issues you come up with let us know and we’ll work on it. Chelsea is checking on the writeproperty error you mentioned by email.

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