T3000 Software crashes when selecting T3-22I after scanning

I have a T3-BB-32i and a T3-22i on an ethernet LAN. Using the T3000 software to do a scan, both devices show up. I can select the T3-BB-32i and configure it’s settings. When selecting the T3-22i, the T3000 application shows the HEALTH % drop down to 53%, then the application closes (disappears).
I have read the instruction for deleting the program files from the folder and doing a clean install of the app. This has not resolved the issue…

We weren’t able to reproduce the issue here, I’d try the usual debugging like switching around ethernet cables, try one device at a time… some folks were saying recently they had trouble with certain hubs so you could try a direct cable connection. I would also update the T3000 front end, you can do that from T3000 → help → check for updates → update T3000. Standing by to help out more.