Problems running T3000 software in win 10 64 bits

I have problems running T3000 soft,with windows 10 64 bits.
Any fix for that problem?

I have been running it on Win10 x64 with no problem. Intel processor or AMD? The only problem I have is the “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?” message every time I pull it up. I have already discussed that error with Maurice and they intend to get the software registered with Microsoft so that doesn’t pop up.

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Thanks for reminding me, I signed up but didn’t finish through with that task.


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I too have problem running T3000 on my machine
Win10 64bit with AMD processor.

T3000 disappears only way to recover is to reinstall and check for updates.

I have deleted all T3000 software and redownloaded from scratch from the Temco website and reinstalled. At this point over 5 times

Problem constantly reappears.

T3000 seems to work ok on win10 64 with Intel processor.

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I think what you will find is that the program is being quarantined by your virus program. I had to uninstall McAfee and the problem went away. Go look at the quarantined files and you will likely see the cause.

Thanks I’ll take a look


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Did you have any luck with this issue? Just curious.

Thanks for asking.

I found 3 modules in quarantined

Re loaded and installed software.

System is more stable but the editor still does not work.

Having a lot of problems getting my TSTAT8 working as well.

Maurice and crew are very helpful.


I’m glad some of the issues are resolved. I haven’t had trouble with the editor myself but the Tstat-8 can be a challenge sometimes but mostly regarding updating them.
Maurice and the gang are very helpful.

Yes they are. I am pleased to work with them

I got the TSTAT8 working using the USB to RS485 cable. I was able to upload the firmware and save the various tables. The wifi now is the challenge. Think I will start from scratch.

WRT the editor is it possible that it doesn’t recognize the keyboard codes. I thought that a keyboard CNTL-(x) would have worked since the cursor control keys are working.

Adds to my learning experience.

Thanks for your help


778 865 5752

There may be a few keyboard shortcuts that are not working, I will review the email chain and get them sorted out.

Maurice Duteau