T3000 Software blocked as malware


Everything was fine until I updated my T3000 software for no reason (I should have left it alone) and now it requires admin to run it and then carbon black cloud blocks it as malware. Is there a version of this software I can get that doesn’t require admin (like all the other programs on my computer) and won’t be suspected as malware? Or even better, do you have any web based controllers that I don’t need software to run? I use these controllers for teaching HVAC and they are great for the students to learn inputs and outputs and basic programming. Thanks, - Aaron


I just uninstalled and reinstalled T3000 and it terminates it as a threat.

Here is another update I got from IT

Threat Cause Actor Name: PUP: Behavior

Policy Name: high-enforce

Category: THREAT

Reason: A suspect virus (PUP: Behavior) was detected in file C:\config.msic87d8.rbf.

I had the same problem, but it’s not a malware. You can verify the file on Virustotal and notice that only some unknown antiviruses mark it as trojan or malware, while all the trusted ones approve it. By the way, I believe I solved this issue and we will release a new version this week with this fix and some cool new features.

Alaa tells me there was some sort of problem with the configruation of the github build & release tools he is using. We’ll push out a new release today.

Yes as Maurice said we are using a Github action for automating the C++ code building and we were using some kind of outdated build action there, I’m not sure why the resulting file is detected as a trojan in few unknown antiviruses but after I updated the Github action the result was cleaner please try it yourself and send us your feedback and we issue a new release soon
Download the “20T3000Update” file from here:
This file is a zip file, just unzip it inside a folder and open T3000.exe file, it will work independently from the installed version ( just for testing ), make sure that you are not running another instance from T3000 software

I will try it. The other issue was that every time I opened the T3000 software, it would require admin login. Can you fix it so the software will run without admin? I understand admin is required to install it. - Aaron

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We’re still investigating this problem. Seems a lot of developers are facing this same issue lately.