T3000 Revisions for the software release of Jul 10, 2019

1.Fixed program failure caused by lack of .net frame dynamic library files


2.Fixing remote connection ,unnecessary prompts about IP addresses are not in the same network segment。

3.Remote connections can now be scanned to sub devices properly。

4.Devices connected via RS485 can also configure addresses normally.

  1. Unselectable when the device does not support certain ranges。

6.Add email alarm user interface .(partly completed)

7.All T3 modules can change Bacnet device id.

8.Fix the value display anomalies caused by coding and decoding errors in programming

9.Use InstallShield 2018 packaged T3000 applications.

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This represents A LOT of work! Thank you for your efforts. The email alarm is so critical… Im very glad to see work progress here. I had made a ridiculous work around using a third party access controller! I cant wait to see the alarm working!