T3000 Revisions for the software release of Aug 15, 2019

1.Re-organize the Advanced screen into a tabbed interface. The Advanced screen was getting crowded.

  1. Added support for over the air updates on the new Tstat8-wifi thermostat using ISPtool and T3000.

  2. T3000 supports the new TSTAT10 fully programmable wifi thermostat. All protocols are supported over all ports. Modbus TCP ,Modbus RS485 , Bacnet BIP ,Bacnet MSTP. When changing the RS485 port protocol from Modbus to Bacnet MSTP and vice versa proceeds smoothly with no interuption or need to reboot the device.

  3. Fixed a bug in the “Schedule” dialog, “Copy Monday to Friday” was broken. Also changed editing in the grid, originally editing was initiated with a double click and has now been changed to a single click like the rest of the T3000 grids.

  4. Added new ‘Multi Sensor’ indoor air quality sensor which can measure PM2.5 air particles, C02, TVOC, light level, temp & humidity, sound meter.

  5. Restructure T3000 communications layers, improve reliability and speed of communications over all protocols, all interfaces.

  6. Improve auto detection logic during scan operations, more reliable now.

  7. Improved the user interface for cusom analog variables, user can add their own range names.

  8. Improve support on win7 systems, T3000 Installation package will automatically add the .Net4.0 Framework components if required. The entire installation package size has been increased to 150 MB.