T3000 Revisions for the software release of Mar 13, 2020

  1. Fixed frimware download problems caused by network exceptions. Added breakpoint for continuating download from previous position, retry up to 10 times and after that show an error message!

  2. Fix some Tstat8 Schedule problems related to the new Work/Away/Sleep modes.
    <1>Improve the handling of 12:00:00 (AM/PM) systems versus 24:00:00 systems.
    <2> When the schedule settings are changed the device needs to be restarted manually for now.
    TBD:Next firmware will not require the reset.

  3. Fix program crash caused when manually toggling between occupied and unoccupied from the user interface.

  4. Improve the grid display of the network and all system nodes.

5.Inputs range settings, the T3-Nano doesn’t have any inputs so no need to show this dialog on the T3-Nano.

  1. Improve the display of multi state variables and add Bacnet support for multi state variables.

  2. Delete some prompts from earlier versions of the T3-XX firmware which did not support certain combinations of Modbus and Bacnet. The latest version of firmware and T3000 front end now supports both modbus and Bacnet simultaneously.
    RS485 Main → Modbus Master
    RS485 Sub → Bacnet MSTP.
    T3 BB/LB/TB/Nano Firmware rev50.9

  3. The modbus register list for TSTAT8 is improved.