T3000 Revisions for the software release of Oct 15, 2019

  1. Fixed T3000 crashing when editing some items in the Advanced Settings dialog.

  2. Add progress bar while loading and saving a config file for any of the TSTAT series products.

  3. Reduced the size of the installation package by removing the .net4.0 component, most PC’s after Win7 include .net4.0 or greater these days. If an earlier .net is detected the user is prompted to install it separately and a link is provided.

  4. T3 controllers, add the device run time since power on or reset.

  5. Combine the two options “Bacnet Mstp slave” and “Bacnet Mstp Master” into one single “Bacnet Mstp” option. These are essentially the same, the slave will not send out who-is commands while a master will send out who-is commands periodically. We just combined them now in the interest of keeping things simple.

  6. Fix the baudrate dialog for the CO2 and AirLab sensor products, added one new baud rate 76.8kB.

  7. Automatically chose the signal type for certain ranges on the TSTAT-X series products. 10K Thermistor and on-off ranges automatically selects the signal type to thermister/dry contact. The 0-5V and 0-10V signal types are disabled.

  8. T3 Input Signal type is more intelligent, when the user selects custom range, the signal type is adjustable by the user. When other certain ranges are selected, T3000 can auto configure the signal type.

  9. Add the Wifi config dialog for new wifi enabled products.

  10. Added over the air firmware updates for some wifi products. More products to be added and bootloader to be improved in the coming days.