T3000 Revisions for the software release of Aug 14, 2020

  1. Fixed a problem with Tstat10 and Tstat5G which could not ‘Save File’ and ‘Load File’ under Modbus RS485 protocol

  2. T3 progammable series products T3XB, T3Nano and Tstat10 can now use all menu functions except Trendlog under Modbus RS485 protocol.

  3. Add CO2 automatic background calibration user interface.

  4. Add new range for VOC sensors, add RPM range for high speed inputs.

  5. Enable remote points in graphics screens.
    Read here to see the syntax for referring to remote points to be dropped onto graphics screens.
    Programming for Bacnet and Modbus Subnet devices

  6. Add Output priority array dialog, right click pops up contents of Bacnet priority array

  7. Fix Help system for the ‘Yabe’ Bacnet tool.

How about alarm emails? Does that feature work yet?

Sorry, have been cleaning up loose ends and new products as usual. Will focus on it now. Promise.

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