T3000 Random data

T3000 after every refresh shows random data. It refreshes every ~1min every time show some irrelevant data from different controllers. Complete mess.

Please send us the prog file that you have running in this controller, use the File save as and send to sales3 (at) temcocontrols (dot) com. In the mean time here’s a couple things you can check:

  1. Make sure that the bacnet instance for each device is unique
  2. Try cycling power to see if that helps for a while.
  3. How many devices have this problem?
  4. Send us a couple of minutes worth of wireshark traffic, that will be very helpful.

It happens sometimes, sometimes all is good.

  1. Then that random thing happens, bacnet instances are also random, looks like it just takes all values from different controller.
  2. Cycle power is not so easy in my case, system is quite distributed in building, 11 controllers are located in different places and connected to different circuit breakers.
  3. Then that issue is happening it happens with all controllers.
  4. Few recent times i connected, all is ok, I will try to capture it next time spot issue.

Just musing here but the fact that all controllers exhibit the symptoms at the same time tells me T3000 itself is getting muddled up about what to show on the display.

There is an internal database stored on board your PC to speed up the display of IO before actually pulling it from the T3 devices, perhaps that has gotten corrupt. It can be rebuilt by deleting “All nodes” and scanning again.

We are standing by to help in more detail, the wireshark data capture will tell us a lot.

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Seen similar. It appears to be a display issue. But at the same time network communication continues to be problematic.

I know I have experienced communications issues when operating T3000 with several adapters open: wifi, VPN and misc virtual adapters. Try shutting these down temporarily as shown with the red arrows here, see if that helps. If there are still issues you can send a wireshark log and we’ll see if we can spot something from that.

DB is ~1gb, looks like it is too big.

I would clear it and start fresh.

Deleted DB, reinstalled, disabled all adapters except LAN. Situation didn’t improve.

Hard to say what might be going on from the description so far, if you could please send us a wireshark capture we will dig deep and see what we can see.


One device on network was stuck in boot/ISP mode. Changed it, today situation looks better, but too early make conclusion.

We’re standing by to help