T3000 controller restarts every minute or 2

This T3000 controller restarts every minute or 2. Here is a video of it. t3000 controller restarts every minute or 2 - YouTube

All the lights go out except the power light. I have 3 of these controllers running all the time and the other 2 work fine. This one is constantly restarting. Is there a setting I can look for or how can I troubleshoot? This one is only a few months old.

I have seen this. My experience is that it’s related to the Ethernet traffic. Not sure in your instance though

Most likely there’s an infinite loop in the program. Make sure all these are less than 100ms. The program needs to hit the last line of the program each pass of the logic engine. It will start again automatically at the first line, you dont need gotos to restart the program.

Also be sure to update the firmware: T3000 → help → check for updates.

I only have 1 very simple program in it. I unplugged the ethernet, same thing. I cleared the device and got the same results. I made sure my software is up to date. I tried to update firmware and the software says it cant find it on the internet. Here are my screenshots. I don’t have any issues with my other t3000 controllers, I am willing to continue troubleshooting but I think there is a problem with this one since it restarts all the time no matter what I try. - Aaron

Not sure if this is related but INT is a keyword in the control basic language, try renaming the variable or the input, whatever that INT is referring to.

I cleared the controller again and left inputs default. It still restarts every few minutes. However, last night I unplugged the lan cable and it ran the heat fine all night. What could be happening when I plug in the lan cable, even though I close the software?

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When I unplug the lan cable tot the control it works fine. What is going on when I plug it into the network (even though I closed the software)? It restarts every minute or 2…

Could you try with a different hub or router please. Standing by to help.

If I connect the controller to a standalone router or directly into the computer it works fine. The problem is there is no other network on this job to connect to. There is only one ethernet buried between the buildings with a network switch in the upper building where I plug the T3000 controller in. How do we find out why this controller restarts constantly when it’s plugged into the main network as this other user [jdewar99] has seen before?

The long cable length may have something to do with this. Also its rare but we have seen the occasional issue with certain hubs & routers.

If you cannot find another hub to plug into at that particular location you could do a test with something like the simple ‘non managed’ hub below:

Standing by to help out more.

I solved mine. It was a bad network cable. Still don’t know why that would cause the controller to reboot, but replaced the cable with a known good and problem gone.

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Haven’t heard that one before but thanks for letting us know.

I had the t3000 plugged into a non managed switch in the second building. I got a backhoe and buried a dedicated network cable from the t3000 controller all the way to the main router and it does the same thing. Is there an event log in the t3000 that we can look into to see why it keeps restarting when it is plugged into the network? Are there any reccomended network settings I can try? I love these controllers but this one is very frustrating.

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Strange thing is the controller says it’s been up for 27 days but it resets regularly.

I would update the firmware to get started. Then search this forum for ‘goto’, there you can see how the program is supposed to flow from start to finish, it will automatically restart itself at the beginning. If the program never exits the outputs will not update properly.


I would try with a different hub, the issue has been tracked down to the Ethernet IC itself and there is no known fix other than to try with different hubs. We have since moved on to a different chip so its not an issue in the later production.

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Alright ill use this t3000 controller for something else and ill buy a new one for this job rather than make changes on the client’s network.

Hi Mr Maurice, Mr AA-Ron
I have the same problem. But not specific times. I connect T3-TB-11i with HMI MT8071IP via ethernet port. Sometimes controller is turn off all input and output for 5-10 seconds

I would update the firmware as the first step. Then I would check here to see if any programs are looping on themselves, it will show up here as >~ 100ms scan time. Search the forum for ‘goto’ for more info on this and how to fix it.

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