T3000 crashing on trend log

After updating t3-tb controlers and t3000 soft I can’t access trend logs anymore. Program closing down immediately. Everything else except that looks ok.

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Fandu will check into this for you. More news later today.

I haven’t reproduced the problem . Chould you send us your prog file ?

Here it is:
trend log error.prog (64.5 KB)

I load your prog file to my locol board . And tried some PC many times.Still can’t repeat the issue .
I didn’t see the problem with crashes. And my T3000 version is Oct 15 2019.
And I found your firmware version is 49.6 ,that’s OK.
Also can you try to check if other computers have the same problem.

I found out that i have T3000 installed 3 times on my server:

I uninstalled all of them and instaled fresh version from server. Didn’t helped…
Then i downgreaded to version 2019 05 19 and it started to work.

Then i updated it and it crashes again. So problem appeared after updates.

Tried other PC, new software software works.

So you are good to go now Andrius?
If not, one thing you can check is the trend log archive folder. If you don’t really need that data you could just delete the entire T3000 & re-install. Or move the existing data to another location and start fresh.

Problem fixed:

  1. Uninstaled T3000 software
  2. Uninstaled C++
  3. Deleted T3000 folder from program files
  4. Made fresh instal of T3000 software.

Now it works!
I am not sure if C++ uninstall was necessary.

I had this problem on one of the two PC’s I use to monitor the T3’s on the network. It turned out to be a security rights problem. I gave the T3000 folder all rights, reinstalled the T3000 as admin and the crashing stopped. It would be cool if Fandu could trap the write problem and throw an error msg if the T3000 couldn’t read or write to the folder.

Pierre in another forum here suggested that T3000 install to a normal C:\Program Files folder and the user data be saved in a separate User Data folder like C:\T3000. This seems like the logical method and we’ve added it to the todo list.

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