T3000 Classroom Demo

The students are building this. They are experimenting with potentiometers and resistors to mimic 10kII thermistor inputs. They are going to mount the knobs on the board to adjust all the inputs in order to test the programs they write. The inputs are: return air temp, supply air temp, outside air temp, supply static pressure, space temp, setpoint, cold water valve position and hot water valve position. We have one more input left on the T3000 and I think we are going to have VFD run status or VFD speed signal. The outputs will control the vfd, cold water valve, hot water valve and outside air. I’ll post updates as they perfect it. The T3000 controller is perfect for this project. I would have used the temco modulating actuators, but the baby belimos were much smaller. It would be cool if Temco made something this tiny for tiny dampers and demo units.

Nice work. We talked about a few free sensors, C02, air particle, TVOC. I will make sure our team has sent them out

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