Need help programming tstat 10 demo

My students and I made up this Tstat 10 demo for class. Can anyone help us write some HVAC programs for it (heat, cool, economizer, fresh air actuator 0-10v based on co2 ppm…)? Feel free to change the inputs and outputs as you like and we can re-label them for each project. Any help would be greatly appreciated by the students as they learn.


Did you get anything back on this? I can help you

Hello, I have some basic heat and cool programs for examples to show the students. If you can help me with some basic programs, that would be great. I have a few of these controllers to teach my students on, and I’d like to make some videos to teach the basics.

Nice rig, I agree we need more examples. Will be working on some here soon when I get back to the office, May8.

Update: Am back in the office. I see your IO are labelled there, will enter it all into a prog file to get started. More on this soon.

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Was there ever any examples made up? I would be interested in a copy.


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There’s a big board with LEDs and whatnot on this forum somewhere. If you would like one you cna shoot me an email, use register3@temcocontrols dot com