T3000 Front end

The T3000 front end software forTemco devices is open source on github:



This is our T3000 Building Automation front end, a mature project for managing the air conditioning, lighting, access control and other automation functions of commercial buildings. The application runs on a Windows PC and allows the building operator to manage the building as a complete system. There is a small but growing team of developers working on the application full time. The system works mainly with Temco Controls products but integrators, controls contractors and other manufacturers are encouraged to join in to add their own devices and features. Communication to the various systems is over Ethernet, wifi, RS485, RS232, zigbee and GSM or CDMA network. The protocols supported so far are Modbus RTU, Bacnet IP & MSTP.

Regards, Maurice Duteau General Manager Temco Controls

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the github project is moving along. The entire project is being refactored around a database backend. Some new screens are added for humidity sensor calibration on the HUM series. The lighting controller has some new screens also for dyndns management.

How it works Trend Log? I have not any record in this page even press Load

Trend logs are under way along with plenty of improvements for bacnet and user generated floorplans & screens. The github repository gets updated every week. If you you have some special features in mind drop us an email and we’ll get them into the queue.