T3-TB analog outputs do not work after update to 53.1

In my setup i send Analog signal (1-10V) and should receive back signal of same value (1-10v).
After update to new firmware ver. (52.9) back signal is lost:

After downgrade to firmware ver. (47.5) all ok:

I would suspect that it is something wrong with OUTPUT. In T3000 output table i see output value, but i think it is not actually sending signal, can’t check it right now on site, but other data shows, that there are something wrong with two last AO :

PS. ver 51.9 same issues
Ver 51.0 works . After downgrade i see input value going up slowly, this is opening valve, so this is output issue.

53.1 have same issues
51.6 have same issues
51.5 Works

Please update the latest firmware rev53.5.

Now it works, thank you.

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